Jay here, I write a little of everything. Personal to me I guess I write pain. I’ve been told I’m a masochist and well I agree but life changes daily. I write about the inner deeper thoughts that sometimes ache until you get them out. I also write about meaningless dribble you just cant let go of. If you like what you read like the post and  follow me. I am a busy person even if writing is a big point of my life I’m also and adult and cant always post regularly if you don’t like my writing move on. If you want details comment and I will get back to you. There are few stupid questions although there are so go for it. I’m a pretty open book. Hobbies are writing sex and alcohol when I am again not being the adult I want to be and can struggle with. Been married a year and sometimes write about my family but most of what I write is fiction. I do like a good discussion if you are interested in. I love to learn and see a different side so speak up if you want. I hate negativity but love criticism. A

lright have fun with my insides!


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