Where did i go

Days like today are why im always waiting for the other ahow to drop. For him to revert to being a verbally abusive condescending narcissist. Today was even going well but i just knew it. Why cant he grow up. Why is the minimum effort just yoo much for him? I font even know if i deserve more at this point but id like to think im a better person than this. Someone who deserves more. Someone i thought i wanted to be. For myself my kids the world. Im tired of helping working building someone else up every day just to be torn down by them every day. hes only nice when he wants something. Sex in particular and for once in ky life i have no interest in sex. I think because i dont feel like the strong beautiful person who handled all i have. Instead i feel drained of confidence hope everything that used to make me me and he doesn’t see or care until it affects him.


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