I don’t want to have to be wonder woman despite you…

Another day you put yourself before everyone else. Another day you ruin and i save. Another day I don’t want to be near you because I am disappointed tired and don’t want to take care of you. Another day my respect what I have left of it falters. You yell fight argue i don’t trust you enough.. this is why. Today yesterday the day before that’s why. 3 amazing days followed by 3 horrible ones does not even it out. It cancels it out and we start over. Try harder before its too late cause it’s not about me forgiving you. I grew up with this from parents. It’s about my kids and if they’ll have this image of a mean boring jerk of a drunk dad. No you don’t hurt them but they see everything. I remember everything don’t give them this man give them a man to admire.


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