​And all at once she was completely awake…or was she? Where was she? It hurt everything hurt. What was she seeing? The ground,wood floors. why was she on the ground? Her senses one by one came online. Floor ok pain? Ok taste? what was that metallic? She touched her lip and flinched blood it was blood. Her head was hot but there was a breeze. She was face down on the floor. Her floor? No. a hotel? No. An apartment? Yes whose? Oh Sandy’s she was apartment sitting for Sandy. She slowly pushed up sitting back on her haunches. Pants were low but on awkwardly. Shirt stretched torn with blood down the front. Her hands hurt wrists bruised. The breeze came from an open window. The pounding in her head had blocked out the traffic at first. Then the noises over took her. She slowly stood and closed the window. Smell? What was that smell? Burnt? Did she burn something? Did she fall? Sandy was going to kill her. She went to the kitchen and saw the burnt pan in the sink water still running in it. She walked to it and turned it off. The burner was off though. She went to the bathroom and was shocked to see her bleeding mouth. Her cheek bruised and swelling. Her hair had been tied back and was now a knot of a thing. She rinsed her mouth ad watched the blood go down the drain. Did she drink last night? No Sandy didn’t have any alcohol… she was disappointed. She wanted to fall back off the wagon last night after a crappy day at work. Work shit work what time is it? There was slight light outside was it morning? She went to the bedroom and searched for her phone. She saw it on the floor across the room and picked it up. It buzzed immediately with missed calls and missed messages. Her hands shook seeing it was 6 pm sunday. she was missing a day. what the hell happened? She heard a noise as footsteps came into view. Why didn’t she hear them enter until now? A voice spoke “nat? What the hell Natalie are you okay?” Natalie looked up at Sandy. She choked out words “I don’t…I don’t know”


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