Woman up, a**hole!

my whole life men have been stereo typed to be stronger all my family he must make the money you must serve him you must honor him for all of his hard work yet I have never met a man stronger than me…any man I’ve dated or loved or known in my family I have withstood all withstood them… their inability to hold on to handle life getting drunk is ok for them is that not a weakness. their emotions get the best of them life does how man men walkaway cause they can’t discuss and convey their life… how many were told to just be strong… do you not realize you “being strong” holding it in and taking it out on us is a weak moment we endure your life we endure ours and your emotions for you we endure it all we take it in multiple ways we fucking take it from you we fucking wake up and handle it and continue on then smile and flip you off and put pants on and head to work to make the bacon then come home fry the bacon make sure its turkey bacon make sure we’re safe in moderation make sure we get healthy exercise fed loved homework done bathed cleaned and then pray good night thank you lord but you get praised just for going out and not speaking you know what we need is a fucking “thank you you’re stronger and better and wow you!”…jay drinking unedited rant make what you can of it..fuck


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