Too Many Doors Chapter 9



            Nathan awoke in his bed and immediately thought of Jordan. It had been four weeks since he stayed the night at Jordan’s, holding her, staring at her, breathing her in. She had asked the next morning that he not come by only text her for the next few weeks and he had agreed. Dan had mentioned to Nathan that Jordan had asked the same thing from Natalie. Nate rolled over and grabbed his phone and text Jordan “Good morning beautiful.” He got up and got in the shower.


            Lynn was making her coffee when she received a message. She looked on her phone it was from Jordan “hey you. Sorry I was strict about us keeping our distance but well hey.” Lynn smiled and replied “no don’t be I understood after that night, kissing you. Ha I knew we needed to back up for a while.” “thank you” “but soon?” “yes, how’s today?” Lynn smiled to herself and bit her bottom lip she text back “really?” “I’m having a party today?” “what can I bring?” “you and a swim suit if you’re comfortable.” “wow really?” “yes I just want to be free” “okay then swim suit ha what time?” “let’s shoot for 3?” “okay really don’t need anything? I’d like to bring something.” “okay ha two options alcohol or veggies?” “hmmm I’ll decide later see you then” “okay bye beautiful” “Bye J” Lynn set her phone down and sipped her coffee happily.


Stacie was walking into the office when her phone rang. She answered “hello?” “hey! well you look nice today.” Stacie paused and looked around her office. She saw Jordan leaning back in a chair with her feet on a desk smiling. Stacie put her phone down and smiled quickly walking over. Jordan stood as Stacie spoke “Hey you’re back, actually working in the office?” “ha kinda just turned in some articles, but uh not back in till Monday.” “okay cool” “so I’m having a party later please come?” “ha when?” “3?” “okay I’ll be there” Jordan smiled “thank you Stace” “na don’t be ok? How are you?” “I’m okay getting there” “I can tell” “yeah I’ll see you then?” “yeah” they hugged and Jordan left.


            Lilly and Lou were at the grocery store when someone began putting veggies in their basket. They both looked up enraged to see Jordan “we’ll need more” they laughed Lou spoke “wow you look great! How the hell did you find us?” “Lil you put that tracker on my phone ha thanks so sorry late notice but party at 3?” they both nodded. Jordan spoke “But I want to tell you guys what’s happened okay?” Lil spoke “we’ll be there in an hour!’ she nodded “Okay caterers wll be there around then.” They smiled and Jordan left.


Jordan sat in her house staring at a bottle of whisky the doorbell rang she yelled “you’re early!” she sat staring at her phone. It rang and she answered “hello?” “hi this is doctor franks calling?” “hi yes I was waiting.” “hi so test results good okay clean bill of health you just need to start taking pre-natal vitamins but otherwise ok” Jordan paused “what?” the doctor spoke “um” she heard him flip through her chart he spoke “oh god miss graves I’m so sorry I mixed charts. You are not pregnant okay? I verified my records, I had another in my hand. You are ok” “really?” “yes ma’am, I promise not pregnant final tests show clean and safe.” “okay” “I’m so sorry Jordan I did the tests myself you’re fine.” “Okay” “I apologize miss graves” “ha its ok but you’re sure?” “100%” She sighed “okay thank you.” “have a good night” “you too thanks bu-bye” she hung up and answered the door. “please come in!”


Nate entered the party people walked about with cups and small plates with finger food. Dan was at a table putting deviled eggs on his plate. Nate walked over “wow ha uh big party!” Dan turned “hey ha yeah right!” “I mean and in her house ha” “yeah well they’re all out back in the pool” “ha okay” Nate walked past him and into the back yard. He stared at Jordan in a swim suit with a casual white button up over it.      Her feet splashed in the hot tub as she laughed. Nathan walked over “hey!” he noticed Lynn next to her as she looked up to him. She smiled getting up “hey” Jordan hugged him.  she spoke “take off your shoes and get in?” “ha ok” he slipped of his shoes and stood in his swim trunks and blue t-shirt. He stepped in and sat next to her. He saw Nat and Dan getting in the pool. Stacie was swimming with other friends from the office. Lilly and Lou were laughing by the outdoor bar with friends. Lynn spoke “so you uh you’re okay?” “yes! I’m great this is us celebrating everything going back to normal. Well normal me ha which still isn’t very normal but oh well.” Lynn spoke her hand on Jordan’s thigh “well good you’re perfect the way you are.” Nate smiled nodding. He suddenly realized how close Lynn and Jordan were. Nate spoke “Well, wow this is quite a party ha” “Thanks get some food, a drink? Have fun.” “ok want another drink?” “uh not yet I better eat something” he stood “Well come on then?” she smiled and took his hand. She looked at Lynn “Be back in a bit” “okay, go have fun” “okay” She got up going with Nate inside. Lynn stared as Lilly came over to her. Lilly spoke “hey how are you?” “good great even she seems well” “ha yeah she does surprisingly.” “is it Lil?” “well I just mean how well so fast I don’t know. She’s different.” “yeah I agree.”


Nate spoke “so did you cook?” “ha no I mean I can but no I uh had a caterer.” “oh cool well taste great.” “yeah, so how are you doing Nate?” “great now ha.” He took her hand and kissed it. She smiled as Natalie watched slightly frustrated. Dan took her hand she looked up then smiled. She spoke “I’m going to go talk to her, I’ll be back.” “okay but hey later can we talk?” “uh yeah sure” “okay good.” Natalie walked off and went to Jordan “hey” Jordan smiled “hey what’s up?” “can we talk?” “yeah sure come on?” Jordan sat her plate down put kept her drink. When Natalie turned she poured the rest of the whisky into her mouth quickly. She sat the glass down and spoke “sorry Nate be back soon.” “it’s ok you ok?” Jordan smiled “yup” she walked off and Natalie took her hand. Jordan loosely gave it to her and they went upstairs. Natalie headed to Jordan’s bedroom but Jordan pulled her to the office. “let’s talk in here Nat” “no please” Nat let go and walked to Jordan’s room. Jordan went to stop her but she entered to see boxes. “what’s this?” “just getting rid of stuff” “this is all your stuff J” “so what’s up Nat?” “ugh J I’ve been trying to talk to you for months.” “I’ve text you back” “no you’ve chit chatted and asked about me about Dan and my work. It’s not the same” “as what Nat?” “I miss you I love you I’m sober talking to you.” “Nat you left me! You show up every time with Dan. You obviously still care for him.” “I do, but I will leave him if you tell me you’ll be with me?” “I won’t I don’t want to be with anyone!” “but J it’s me and I know Nate, Lynn, and Stacie all want you.” “well I will tell you what I told them; I can’t and won’t and don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone right now actually ever!” a voice spoke “hey! Let’s get you back!” they turned to see Lou with lilly beside him. Nate behind her, then Lynn, then Stacie, then Dan. They all tried to smile except Dan who shook his head and walked down the stairs. Jordan shook and leaned on some boxes. Lynn walked past everyone quickly to Jordan. “hey shhh breath okay we’re good” Jordan stood straighter “I know uh let’s get back to the party.” Lynn took her arm she paused “um give Nat and I another moment get some shots ready in the hot tub ok I’ll be right down.” They all nodded and left. Jordan turned to Natalie. Natalie spoke “god I’m sorry I upset you. I just ruined things with Dan and why can’t you talk to me? Why can’t you be with me like Lynn?” “cause you’ve never been there nat. It’s never happened to you!” “But I am willing to be there in it with you.” “I didn’t want anyone there. I just want to move on okay? Look um we can hang out all you want but I can’t be with anyone ever again. Look um I want to go back to me or uh god not hurt nat. You need me to say it you need to know the gruesome details? Here!” Jordan pulled out her phone and clicked buttons Natalie’s phone buzzed, she looked she received an email. Natalie spoke “J?” “it’s my story, My story okay? Please don’t show anyone but there. Then we can talk about it if you still want?” “um okay I’m sorry J” “now go talk to your boyfriend he’s been great to you! don’t take him for granted too” “okay I’m sorry god I always ruin this stuff for you” “no its ok um lets go ok” “ok” Jordan walked out. She went to the front porch and saw Dan on a bench. She sat by him “hey I’m sorry” “No don’t be ha I stole her right? uh I’m sorry” “No its okay just hard times come on we’re doing shots.” “Ha no I’m well I better go.” “No okay come on you’ve had a rough day too wash it away with whisky” “ha I don’t know” “Well I do come on” Jordan pulled him up “ha okay” she took his hand and they both looked at their hands feeling something. Their eyes met and they smiled then she led him back to the back yard. Jordan smiled at everyone. A large group of almost 20 people were gathered now. Jordan laughed so shots ready?” they all cheered she took off her top shirt and was in jut her swim suit. Everyone followed taking clothes off. Lilly handed her a shot as she leaned in and spoke “you ok?” Jordan nodded. She held up the shot “cheers!”  everyone yelled “cheers!” and they all drank. Jordan spoke “another!” they all cheered. The bartenders came around with more drinks. Jordan went to them and whispered they nodded and left. She held her glass up “to uh…” Dan yelled “to j!” everyone yelled “to j!” she laughed and they all drank. Then jumped into the pool. everyone followed jumping in. Nate came swimming over “hey” she smiled “hey” he got close “I got you babe” “I know” he leaned in and kissed her. Jordan let go of all reservations and kissed him back. Jordan pulled back smiling and saw Stacie nearby trying to look away. She reached for Stacie’s hand and pulled her to kiss her. Nate was surprised and stepped back. Stacie smiled giving in. Jordan laughed “let’s have fun everyone!” everyone cheered. Lynn swam over Jordan spoke “hey you don’t have to do anything you don’t” “shut up?”  Jordan laughed as Lynn kissed her. Jordan suddenly saw everyone begin coupling off. Lilly waved at her. Jordan swam over “hey” Lou came over “so uh want to tell us you’re plans? I mean we can guess but? ha” “just having fun” lilly spoke “okay be careful J?” “hey?” “I know sorry condescending but I worry so uh well go when you tell us to” “hey there will be fun no sex I uh just want to have fun” they nodded. She took their hands now come on you’re my besties relax have fun!” lilly spoke taking her hand “love you J good party” they smiled.


More games and fun continued. People swam and joked. Made out and soon were falling over drunk. cabs were on standby waiting. Jordan appeared maybe buzzed and having fun but never drunk. Lou and she walked off a couple times to do a couple lines. She Lou and Stacie all smoked soon the party was only Nate, Stacie, Lynn, Nat, Dan, Lil, Lou and Jordan.

Jordan came out of her room Dan stood she spoke “hey” “hey” “guess people are clearing out huh?” “ha yeah” “you have fun Dan?” “yeah” “good’ “hey J?” “yeah?” “I see why” “why what?” “she’s hooked on you” “oh” “night” “night” Dan left. Jordan went down the stairs. She went over to Lynn “hey hun you should probably go?” “oh ok If you want” “things may… will happen you should go” “no I want you I want to be here” “Lynn I want us separate baby ok please I swear give me a few days and we’ll have a fresh start just us?” Lynn leaned her forehead against Jordan’s “you sure you want to do this then?” “yes I want to and want you and I to start over not be the thing after what we’ve been through I mean for me at least.” “Me too baby” “okay” “bye” Jordan pulled her to the porch and they kissed passionately. Jordan spoke “do what you need to. I mean I can’t be in a relationship but I can’t just hook up with you ok” “me either call me in a few days?” “okay bye beautiful” “bye sexy” they kissed and Lynn left. Jordan turned inside she looked at her friends drinking. Lilly and Lou got up and said good night. She hugged them and they left. Jordan locked the front door and went to the back and locked it as well. Nate came over “hey need help?” “ha no uh come on?” “Jordan you… uh want us?” she nodded and they went into the living room. She pulled Stacie up kissing her then turned to Nat who stood. Jordan kissed Natalie. She took Natalie’s hand then Stacie’s. She looked at Nate he spoke “Hey I need to go ok? I’ll uh see you tomorrow?” she nodded. She walked him to the door “bye Nate” She pushed him gently out the door then closed it. She locked it then took Natalie and Stacie to her spare bedroom. She whispered “naked?”


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