Too many doors chapter 8



Jordan awoke to the doorbell. She slowly wiped her face and opened her eyes. There was knocking on the front door.  A voice spoke through the door “please Jordan! I need you to answer, it’s been four days!” She sat up on her couch and put her head in her hands. She heard Lilly again “Jordan baby we need to know you’re ok?” Jordan yelled “I’m fine!” “Just five minutes open the door!” Jordan got up and walked to the door. She was in a half t-shirt and panties. She opened the door. Lilly stood with Lou, Nate, Nat, Dan, Stacie and Lynn. Jordan stepped back covering up “Shit Lil! I thought it was just you! What the fuck?” Lilly walked in and led Jordan to the den. Jordan wrapped a blanket around herself everyone walked in. Jordan spoke “Please go I need some time to myself please.” Nate spoke “we just want to help?” “I don’t need help. I’ve been working, haven’t drank but a glass a night. No smoke, but couple cigarettes, no coke, no pills. I’m dealing through it and you are pressuring me!” Lilly spoke “okay sorry really we were just worried.” “All of you have called or messaged 10 times a day that’s over 60 messages or calls asking if I’m okay.” Nate spoke “I’m sorry okay I’ll go” Lynn spoke “me too sorry” Nat spoke “me too.” Nate, Lynn, Stacie, Natalie and Dan all walked out. Lou spoke “let me look around clean up okay?” “okay” lilly spoke “just let me check your fridge okay and I’ll send some food over later from the grocer.” “okay sure thanks.” Jordan sat back. Lou went through the house and Lilly followed. A few short minutes later they came back in the room. Lilly spoke “okay I’ll have them deliver the food here and leave it at the door okay?” “okay thank you” Lou spoke “call if you need us.” “okay thank you. Um can you drop off some whisky? If not, I’ll go out.” Lou spoke “I have some in the car for you. Let me grab it.” “thank you.” Lilly spoke “sorry about the overload, Nate was panicked. Lynn has been doing ok, I’ve been checking on her. Stacie too and Nat and Dan call cause Nat’s worried and Nate keeps asking Dan if Nat’s talked to you.” “oh yeah ok its ok just give me some more time.” “okay” Lou came in with the whisky and set it down.  He spoke “call if you need us?”  Jordan nodded and walked them out then locked the door and the alarm set.


Jordan awoke to her phone ringing. She answered it “uh hello?” “you have left your food on the porch too long. please just let me come in and make you dinner. I’m sorry, I drove by that’s all.” “Nate you can’t cook” a small grin came across her face.  He spoke “ha I can a little now please at least let me bring it inside for you.” “ha okay thanks.” She got up and turned on lights. She wrapped a light blanket around her. Then walked over to the front door and looked out, then opened it when she saw Nate walk up. He grabbed the boxes of food and she let him in past her. she closed the door and followed him to the kitchen. She spoke “so ha you can cook? what can you cook?” “well I can make a fabulous soup and a salad for a first course.” “wow really?” “um yeah see this Salad is pre made and soup comes in a can.” he held up the box and can as he laughed. She laughed too then spoke “ha I don’t know about that soup?” “um ramen?” “ha uh look there is a place down the street real ramen house ha um we can uh get food there.” “I can go pick it up?” “okay that would be great uh let me give you some cash.” “ha funny anyways um directions?” “go south three blocks then it’s on the right you’ll see the giant noodles sign okay?” “okay cool be back in a few.” “okay uh thank you Nate.” “I told you I’m here okay.” “okay” she walked him to the door and he left. She locked the door and went up to her room. She turned on the shower and got in. She quickly washed her hair and body then put on a fresh pair of sweats and a t-shirt. She brushed her hair and clipped it up. She came down the stairs and the doorbell rang. She looked through the peep-hole and saw Lynn. She sighed and opened the door. “Uh hey how are you?” “um okay and how are you?” “okay so uh what’s up?” “wanted to know if you wanted to get dinner.” “I actually already have plans for that um but you can stay?” “really?” “yeah um Nate’s getting ramen.” “oh cool uh yeah sure you sure you don’t mind?” “of course not Lynn come in okay?” “okay” Lynn stepped in as Nate came up. Jordan gave him a soft smile. He smiled back “good I got extra of everything” he came in as well. He went past to the kitchen as Jordan closed and locked the door.  They all went to the kitchen. Jordan pulled out bowls. Nate spoke “so I got pork ramen and I also got some Saki` and curry with pork and rice okay?” “wow great thank you” Lynn spoke “sorry for crashing dinner.” Nate spoke “no ha whatever makes Jordan happy. Happy to have you.” They filled their plates and went into the den. Jordan sat on the floor in front of the coffee table, Lynn followed. Nate undid his tie and threw it on a side table then sat on the floor too. they all began eating Jordan spoke “so uh what’d you guys do today?” Lynn spoke “I uh went to work” “oh wow uh first full day back?” “yeah it was good.” Nate spoke “what do you do Lynn?” “I’m a nurse down town.” “oh that’s amazing.” “yeah just for another couple weeks then going to go back to teaching um I think.” “oh cool.” Jordan spoke “already ha wow. So busy times?” “yeah” Lynn spoke to Nate “and your day?” “um not much same old work at the office.” Jordan spoke “really?” “ha uh mostly I uh had lunch with Daya” “ha I know” he looked surprised and raise his eyebrows speaking “from the magazine?” Jordan smirked then looked away. “nope” they all continued eating more. Lynn spoke “how are you both handling the tabloids?” Jordan spoke “I’ve never cared its uh unfortunate they know I was your wife now and I was recently attacked well mugged. That we can be thankful for, that they don’t know the whole truth but I’m sorry I’m sure it’s hurting you Nate.” Lynn ate as Nate answered setting his plate down. “I don’t care about that. I’ve tried to shut down the stories to keep them from digging. I finally let a couple go cause it seems like we were hiding something and the tabloids had also already reported you as my wife and the mugging.” “yeah I uh heard you approved some of my more dramatic things” “whoa hey I didn’t approve them I didn’t even look at them.” “I know I just heard you were stopping stuff and when I went to put out articles even from me they were worried about liable. They have nothing to do with you though.” “once they asked I said never stop you from writing.” “well thank you.” Lynn ate quietly. Nate’s phone rang he looked at it “I’m sorry excuse me?” they nodded. Lynn spoke “so uh Daya? I saw he’s dating her?” “uh well I believe was, but uh well she called me today” “what!” “shhh” Nate came back in “hey I’m so sorry somethings come up I need to handle really quick I will text you?” “okay sure.” “bye Lynn” they waved as he left. Lynn spoke putting her plate down “what’s that about?” Jordan pushed her plate away too “Daya is pregnant” “what! How do you know that!” “ha she saw the tabloids about Nate and I and wanted me to back off. She called and told me she’s pregnant hadn’t told him yet.” “oh god Jordan are you okay?” “yeah I’m more worried if he’s okay last time he had a baby too ya know. It’s not that easy.” “does she love him or him her?” “I don’t know but oh well” “how are you really doing? You seem okay?” “I uh am.” “how? it was less time for you than since uh my attack and I can’t stop thinking” “I’ve lived with it for years before. I’m not letting them, him take what I learned from me” “good J” “just I’m waiting” “for what?” “to be free in four more weeks” “oh god J I’m sorry I understand” “I never asked if you went back?” “not yet few more days but everything seems good.” “okay”’ ‘and you?” “I feel ok I think I’m okay well we’ll see.” “can I ask you something?” “of course” “did you take the preventative pills” Jordan sighed “this time yes cause I hadn’t been with any other men before” “and the first time?” Jordan covered her face trying not to cry “no, no I uh thought he and I were ok and if… I didn’t plan on telling him either till I had to. Uh anyways no I didn’t” “oh” “Lynn? Did you?” “I uh I’m not pregnant” I know but did you take them?” “the first set then got scared I was with someone…before” “oh god I’m sorry does he know?” “yeah we haven’t talked much though he seemed relieved when I told him last test said not pregnant. We were careful though.” “oh I’m so sorry you hadn’t told me any of that. Are you and he uh together? Or uh friends?” “well I thought getting together till all of this.” “oh I’m sorry” “do you miss Nate” Jordan smiled “ha yeah I miss him he was one of my best friends I loved him.” “even after how he treated you?” Jordan sighed “well that makes me hate him a little but hating is still caring.” “I never asked how you met him how long did you know him uh before you got married?” “we had known each other over a year before we started dating. He kinda knew my ways when it came to my dating habits. But that’s a longer story. Then we really fell in love and he had a hard time trusting me. Plus, he knew he wanted to be in politics ha and now he’s freaken governor. We were together no sex for about 7 months before we got married. Then married for uh 6 months then divorced.” “wow uh you said he’d call though?” “yeah but it was like a business transaction. Like a checkup at the dentist. Hi how are you need anything ok good-bye.” “oh wow but still he cared.” “yeah he did. He was also really controlling.” “how so?” “he hated Lou being around all the time and having a say in my life. He’d have people follow me or check in on me. I had to answer him all the time or it would create an argument.” “wow he doesn’t seem like that now?” “ha I know not at all he’s been well good nice” “well that’s good.” “yeah anyways I don’t know I’m not thinking about my future with anyone ya know. Just getting by” “I understand.” “I know you do” Jordan spoke “look let’s get the sake`?” “ha okay I’ll get it why don’t you put on something for us to watch?” “okay hun” Lynn smiled at the pet name and went for the sake. Jordan grabbed a blanket and the remote and leaned back on the couch. Lynn came in and sat beside her Jordan held out her hand and Lynn took it. Jordan pulled Lynn beside her leaning into Jordan’s arms. Lynn handed Jordan a glass and poured them both sake. They sipped. Jordan spoke “do you like it?” “it’s not bad ha” “good” they picked a tv show and kept drinking.

An hour later Lynn smiled at Jordan and Jordan spoke “damn I want to kiss you again ha” “really?” “yes” “you said we needed to not be tainted how do you feel.” “like all I can think about is you Lynn. You and me and well I worry about you think about you care about you. I miss you” “I thought you wanted to be sober?” “okay if you want we can wait yes I wanted us to start with a clear head and we did. It was the hardest well second hardest night for me and I still knew you were all I wanted in that moment.” “J it’s okay. I’m not talking you out of it ha I want you too” Jordan took Lynn’s hand squeezing “Lynn I can’t do uh more… I can’t” Lynn squeezed her hands back “beautiful shhh only a kiss then?” Jordan nodded. Lynn put her hand on Jordan’s cheek then Jordan put her hand on Lynn’s cheek. They smiled and slowly leaned in kissing. They both tried to hold back but couldn’t and it grew passionate. Finally, Lynn pulled back trying to catch her breath “ha uh are you okay?” never better babe come here?” they kissed again as Jordan pulled Lynn on her lap Jordan pulled back “Lynn hun you okay?” Lynn smiled “never better” they kissed again. When the doorbell rang. They both pulled back smiling Jordan spoke “ok sit I’ll get it.” “okay” Lynn slid off Jordan and Jordan got up and went to the door. She opened it without thinking and panicked for a moment then relaxed seeing Nate. She saw he looked worried and upset she spoke “oh hey uh what’s up?” “Jordan can we talk?” “uh Lynn’s still here Nate.” “oh shit sorry” Lynn came over “I uh um” Jordan cut her off Nate have some sake with us?” “ok thanks yeah” he came in and walked past to the living room. Lynn kissed Jordan’s cheek “I’ll go in a bit I’ll call for a cab okay” “okay Lynn but I’ll see you soon babe” “promise?” “yes Lynn” “okay” they closed the door and went into the den. Lynn poured him sake and he drank. He spoke “guess I’m crashing you guys now.” Jordan spoke “no, no one’s crashing anything. We were watching tv and having sake.” Lynn spoke “be right back” Jordan nodded. Lynn left the room. Nate spoke “oh god Jordan we have to talk” “I know take a breath Nate.” “okay sorry” Lynn came in “so here uh more sake?” they all drank Lynn spoke “I’m going to clean up ok?” Jordan nodded as Lynn put the food away. Jordan got up helping and they all heard a honk Lynn spoke “my cabs here I better get going.” Jordan walked her to the door holding her hand. Nate spoke “bye Lynn” “bye Nate” Jordan stepped out with Lynn closing the door some. Jordan kissed Lynn then whispered in Lynn’s ear “call me if you need anything. Get rest have a great night beautiful. I’ll miss you.” “I’ll miss you too, night.” “night” They smiled and Lynn left. Jordan came in locking the door behind her.

Nate paced in the living room. Jordan spoke “why don’t you sit?” “uh no you sit?” “Nate just tell me already” he looked surprised “Do you already know J?” “about Daya?” his eyebrow went up and he spoke “she’s pregnant” Jordan crossed her arms and nodded “Yeah she called me today, told me to back off” Nathan stepped towards her “Jordan please don’t, I uh it was one time a drunk mistake with her. Almost a Month ago now and she won’t leave me alone.” Jordan threw up her hands “well she can’t now” “I know but I don’t want her, I want… I want you” “Nate don’t okay?” “please don’t stop talking to me, I need you.” Jordan sighed “Nate I’m pretty buzzed, uh can we talk about this tomorrow?” he held his hand out to her. “come here?” she paused and shook her head “Nate uh” he opened his hand wider “come here baby?” She bit her lip and gave him her hand. He pulled her close to him. She leaned into him for a moment then pull back. “Nate I can’t” “can’t what? I’m not even sure what it is were doing.” “I can’t be with you, or anyone right now. I can’t promise anything or be in a relationship ok?” He nodded then took her hand. “Come here? Want more sake?” “uh sure” He pulled her to the couch and they both began drinking. He could tell he had upset her and Jordan was overwhelmed. So he sat quietly drinking everything she poured him. She swallowed a drink and looked at the glass as she spoke “do you love me?” He looked at her “yes, Jordan I do.” she drank more he spoke “Should I go?” “no” he nodded “okay good.” she spoke “Did u love me back then? When you treated me like that and left me?” he frowned “Yes and I regret it. I’m so sorry for leaving you alone when you needed me.” “It’s ok, it made me who I am now, stronger than I use to be.” “I can tell.” “I uh I want you to do me a favor?” “anything babe” She looked up at him and into his eyes “have sex with me?” he looked shocked “um Jordan when?” “now?” “do you want me?” “I want a new memory of that experience” “Jordan really?” She paused “I uh I do but I can’t yet for other reasons um in a… 3 weeks I can.” “Well whatever you want I’ll do, really. Now? later? anything” ” l have to wait 3 weeks to confirm there’s no pregnancy.” “oh uh okay.” “so Daya?” “I don’t think it’s mine but I’m going to wait um to find out, so 9 months” “wow uh I’m sorry.” “no I’m sorry this isn’t fair to you, it has to be hard.” “yeah for you too Nate” “yeah come here.” he pulled her to him and leaned in part way to kiss her but waited for her to lean in. She paused then slowly leaned in. He put his hands in her hair as the kiss grew. A few moments later she pulled back. They smiled he spoke “you okay?” “yeah um lets uh go to bed?” he nodded and they turned off the lights and both went to her bed instantly falling asleep.


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