Too Many Doors Chapter 7



Jordan got to the bottom of the stairs. She slowly went to the front door and spoke to the two detectives “hello?” one of the men spoke “ma’am I’m detective sparks I know it’s late but we heard you were just released.” She tried to stand straighter. “its fine” The cop nodded and spoke “So the man who hurt you tonight was squatting in your old home waiting for you. He had a roommate who came back. Um who we believe was one of the men who attacked you years ago. We got both of them. So, we do need you to identify the second man tonight or tomorrow?” she spoke urgently  “tonight” “Okay and the man from tonight is uh well they don’t think he’s going to make it but your husband or ex-husband… uh the governor should be fine. We saw the security footage from across the building. I’m so sorry for what has happened to you, even without your verifying we’re arresting the men and they will be prosecuted okay?” “ok thank you” Nathan came up the porch with the bags. Jordan spoke “I’m going to the station to identify the men.” Nathan spoke “I’ll come with?” “um ok” Lynn spoke “um do you want me to come?” Jordan paused “uh Lynn” Nate spoke “Lynn come on I’ll drive?” Jordan sighed taking Lynn’s hand as Nate handed Lynn the bags. Lou. Lynn helped Jordan walk to Nates car. Jordan looked back at Lilly as she got in the car “be back soon” Lilly nodded.


Jordan, Lynn and Nathan arrived back home after Jordan pointed out her rapist. They stood inside the foyer. Lilly spoke “hungry J?” “No” Lou spoke “You didn’t eat dinner when did you eat last?” “I don’t know I made omelets yesterday morning for Lynn and I.” They walked into her living room. Nate spoke “I’ll get you anything.” Lynn’s phone rang and she stepped out of the room. Nate spoke “I never knew you had a problem with eating?” “Uh well I haven’t um it hasn’t been a problem for a while.” “why did it?” she frowned “um guess stress, anyway I’ll eat ok.” Lilly smiled as she went to the kitchen and filled a plate for Jordan. Lynn came in “Hey my work called me I need to go or I lose my job with all the time I’ve been missing. I’m really sorry I can call tomorrow?” “Yeah of course go.” “Okay bye J” “bye Lynn” Lynn left the house. Lilly spoke “That wasn’t a see you tomorrow good bye.” “Yeah uh I don’t think we’re going to happen not now.” Lou spoke “sit?” “um I guess yeah” Lou helped her sit down and put her legs up. She picked at her food as Lou turned the TV on. Lilly poured them all a drink and sat. Jordan drank it in a big gulp and put her plate down. She sat back and closed her eyes.

Jordan awoke suddenly sitting up panting. Lou spoke “Breathe you were only asleep a few minutes ok. nightmare?” she nodded. Lilly gave her a bigger glass of whisky. Nate spoke “let me take you to bed?” “um Nate I uh” “It’s okay Jordan.” Lilly spoke “Jordan eat some more please?” “Okay after I finish the whisky?” Lou spoke “Do you want something stronger?” Lil nudged him. Nate spoke “Lil uh you didn’t eat let’s get plates and um show me around?” Lilly looked surprised but did. Lilly and Nate left the room. Lou spoke “he’s really trying wow um so coke or weed or uh pills?” “All but I don’t want to do it alone. I don’t want this to affect me like last time. If I finish this plate of food, well most of it ha will you invite people over and have a party.” “J its already almost 2am?” “okay give me something to sleep and that I can drink with. And tomorrow party?” “On a Sunday night?” “Lou?” “okay yeah” “Its ridiculous huh um dinner party Monday?” “Better, ha we can shop or I can?” “We can tomorrow um I guess weed? I’ll sleep but Mondays party needs party favors okay?” “okay” “let’s make Nate smoke with us Lil too?” “okay ha cool I’ll get them eat.” “okay” He left the room. Jordan looked at her phone she had over 30 messages from Natalie. She text Natalie back “Nat I’m fine ok stop” “can I come over?” “no please I’m fine.” “what exactly happened?” “nothing I was mugged” “You just lied I know Dan told me” “stop” “I’m outside J” “go away.” “No please I brought you fried pickles and a steak?” Jordan sighed “okay um knock I can’t get up.” “ok” the doorbell rang everyone walked quickly to the front room. Jordan spoke “Its Nat its fine.” Lilly opened the door. Natalie stood with Daniel. Lilly spoke “Come in?” they did. Jordan sat up as Natalie rushed over to her. Jordan’s face was appearing more and more bruised from hitting the floor now. Natalie kissed Jordan and Jordan tried to appear soft as she pulled back, but just looked pained. Jordan spoke “Um Nat no please no.” Jordan kept from crying but barely. Nate looked at Dan and shook his head saying no. Dan spoke pulling Natalie’s arm slightly “Nat please?” Natalie looked at Jordan shaking “I’m sorry what happened?” Lou spoke “we’re getting high and watching funny tv okay there’s food sit.” They looked at Nate “yeah anything he says.” Nate sat by Jordan and everyone else sat too. Natalie spoke “So we’re not talking about it?” Jordan spoke “no Nat no” “where’s Lynn?” Nate took Jordan’s hand he spoke “She just left, She’s pretty great. Um here let’s watch this?” they all nodded as he took the remote and pushed play. Lou spoke “Lil you’re totally smoking too!” she sighed “Okay” He pulled out weed and rolled joints. They all smoked laughing at the TV. Dan was surprised when Nate took the joint as well, taking a hit. After a while they all brought the food in and snacked. Nate held Jordan’s hand the whole time. Natalie spoke “So uh you two use to be together back when things were bad for you J?” Jordan looked at Nate he spoke “Actually uh yeah we were uh we were married.” Lilly spoke “Whoa hey um Nat needs to sign!” Nate spoke looking at Jordan “Do you trust her Jordan?” “Of course I do but they just caught them I don’t want things to get held up in court and your work.” Natalie spoke “Wait uh sign what?” Dan spoke “She already did earlier tonight at dinner okay.” Natalie spoke “Of course the confidentiality thing yeah” Jordan leaned back “I don’t want to talk about this now please?” Natalie spoke “Okay of course I’m sorry.” Jordan spoke “Um I uh I’m pretty tired now.” Natalie spoke “Of course um we’ll go and I’ll text tomorrow?” Jordan nodded. They got up and waved then left. Lilly spoke “Let me get you some ice for your face okay?” “Okay um I’m going to my bedroom” Nate got up and helped Jordan stand up. Lou came over helping her too. they got her up the stairs. Jordan spoke “Um Lou I’m okay uh you and Lil can take the guest rooms?” Lou spoke “you sure?” “yes” “okay goodnight” he left and Lilly brought in the ice pack she spoke “night’ “’night.” Nate pulled back the covers and helped Jordan in she cringed. He spoke “getting worse?” “yeah.” “Can I get you anything?” “Um no just need to sleep.” “okay.” He covered her and laid next to her. she spoke “um it’s been so long” “Is this okay?” “yes surprisingly” “Good maybe you feel like you can let me back in?” “Um no I mean I don’t know ok?” “Okay just Jordan god I want this us together every night.” “I’m not the same person Nate.” “Okay well I’m not going anywhere. I’m not the same person I was either.” He put his arm over her hip. He spoke “Is that okay?” she nodded. “I’m sorry I really am tired.” “No please go to sleep, It’s okay” “You have changed.” “I hope for the better?” “Yeah uh what about… never mind” “What? It’s okay.” “I work at a magazine Nate…that means no matter what I do to stay away from you, you’re well in the press and I see.” “Oh um Daya?” “Yeah her I saw” “Its uh not as serious as the press makes it out to be. Yeah we’re dating but it’s not serious. I want you Jordan I want to take care of you and help you. I miss you so much.” “Nate I’m broken okay I can’t be fixed and I can’t go back. Do you understand?” “I really do okay um we’ll figure it out okay together?” “No Nate not together okay I don’t want to be with anyone” “okay as friends together?” “okay” “Go to sleep beautiful” Jordan gave half a smile and nodded.


Jordan awoke and stared at Nate sleeping. She moved and cringed. Nate awoke quickly “Are you okay?” “Um uh yeah I need to go to the bathroom.” “okay uh here” he jumped up helping her up. She cringed he spoke “It’s getting bad want the pain medicine? “Yeah thanks um thanks”. He led her to the bathroom. She spoke “Uh you can go” “no let me help” “Nate no we were never this close come on” “I know but we can be now. You need help sitting Jordan.” He walked her over and she looked nervous. She pulled her pants down and let them fall to her ankles. He held her hands tight as she slowly sat. he spoke “I’ll be right out here when you’re done okay?” “okay”. Nate left the room closing the door.  She cringed trying not to cry.


Nate brought her the pain pills and they laid back down. He spoke “Can I do anything?” “No I’m just tired” “Then go back to sleep ok” she nodded and he watched her fall asleep then he did.


Jordan awoke in her bed to Nate staring at her. She gave a half smile and spoke “What are you doing?” “Ha just looking at you, You’re beautiful Jordan. Let me go get you some more ice?” “My face pretty swollen?” “Yeah but you’re still beautiful.” “Thanks Nathan um it’s pretty bright out probably close to 9. You should probably get to work.” “Ha no I called Dan, I can do most of it from my phone today.” “Nate no why” “I want to be here with you take care of you.” “I just need to get back to my life so its ok” “You really want me to go?” “yeah ok?” “Oh I’m sorry ok” “No don’t be sorry I don’t want to be a nuisance that’s all.” “You’re not, what would you like to do today?” “Stay in just write in my office.” “Okay let’s help you up.” Nate got up and helped Jordan up. They left the room and went into her office. Lilly came in “hey breakfast?” “no uh thanks.” “J just eat something?” “um okay just uh a little something.” Lilly spoke “Nate uh breakfast?” “I’ll help you?” “okay great.” She walked out as Lou walked in with coffee. Jordan smiled “yay my hero ha” he put the coffee in front of her. Nate spoke “the doorbell may ring in a bit don’t panic I have my assistant dropping some stuff off okay? so I’ll change and head out.” “oh okay” Nate went down stairs with Lilly. Lou spoke “so he’s leaving?” “He didn’t want to I asked him.” “Oh how was last night?” “Good ha had to pee and he helped me in the bathroom. I would’ve been mortified if I wasn’t in so much pain ha.” “So what are we doing today?” “I’m writing maybe online shopping ha um just want to stay in ok?” “okay” “You guys can go too okay after breakfast.” “Really? you sure?” “Yeah I am. I uh feel like writing.” “okay” Jordan slowly sat at her desk then got up. She laughed “um no chair ha” he spoke “Here lounge chair lay back a little.” She walked to it and sat as Lou covered her with a blanket. He put her coffee beside her. Then Lou handed her the lap top. Lou sat drinking his coffee for a moment then spoke “Jordan you’re going to make it through this.” “I know I do I’ve uh made it before and it’ll be hard but I can do it. I have the need to work and it may be a distraction but I’m okay with that.” “and Nate? Lynn? Nat? Stacie? I mean don’t stress but what do you think?” “Lynn kissed me and it hurt so much then Nat did and it was the same. I wasn’t ready and it just hurt. But all night I kept thinking about Nate and how I was glad it was him next to me. Stace doesn’t even know but I’m going to text her in a bit and we’ll see.” “okay” Lilly and Nate walked in with omelets.


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