Love letter to myself

A love letter to myself….

i will always be here for you. But I will let you down. But I will learn from it and try harder. I will grow and be better but have my moments of weakness. I will love yiu unconditionally but sometimes hurt you intentionally. I can give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had but it won’t be enough. I know your soft spots and when to he rough but again I will never be enough. U will laugh at you and with you and probably embarrass you but I will never leave. I’ll shame you and hate you and feel your disgust but we will survive ill never give up on us. I’ll make an effort with things get rough but if you can’t take it ill understand. I’ll lead and follow you save you and throw you under a bus. I’ll lead u down dark paths but show you the light when you need up. I can’t save you but I’ll share you with those who will try. I will be here till your gone and cry when you cry. I can’t promise the world but I can promise to try…


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