Too many doors chapter 5




Jordan awoke in her bed she slowly sat up. A voice spoke “hey” she looked over and saw Lou waking up in a chair in the corner. She pulled her knees up setting her head on them “fuck I fucked up bad didn’t I?” he scooted to the end of the chair leaning towards her “no, no, not at all Lynn kinda saved you from going too far.” She looked up questioningly “really?” “yeah do you remember?” Jordan nodded “fuck ok just fuck ok I can do this” “yes you can” “Do you think I lost her?” “ha which one?” “ha Lynn, I mean I don’t know I care for Stace she knows uh most well some my problems. I love Nat but she doesn’t know and I care for Lynn and she knows everything ever. God I fucked up so bad. Just I uh had a dream about her.” “who?” Jordan grabbed a tie from her night stand and tied her hair back from her face. Lou took her hand “who did you have a dream about J?” “Kenzie the… my…the baby and I flipped I’m sorry.” “no its ok look J you’ll have this happen ok its ok” “I know poor Lynn though she was raped after all and I made the night about me” “she understood it seemed to be good for her to see life goes on as you know” “yeah” Jordan paused then grabbed her phone and looked.  Jordan spoke “oh shit he called?” “yeah a few times seemed urgent.” “okay god” “Nat asked you call when you got up?” “okay” Lou stood up and kissed her head “breakfast then you can” “thanks Lou I’m so sorry” “shut up Don’t be this isn’t your fault J okay?” “okay I know thanks though. Lilly still here?” “I hear her making breakfast as we speak.” “awesome okay” Jordan paused standing she spoke “Lynn signed right?” “of course yeah. what if she hadn’t?” Jordan smirked “probably still would’ve told her.” “damn!” “right?”


Natalie opened her door to Jordan. “oh uh hey wow you came so I uh well” Jordan turned and stepped back “I’m sorry should I go?” Natalie stepped towards her “no, no look uh you want to move on huh J?” “well Nat yeah I do ok. I just am uh yeah… It’s not you. It’s the time of year, things I’m going through” “which I can’t know about?” “sorry and I’m really sorry about last night. Look I’m not saying never just not now at least. I’m sorry” “don’t be I understand maybe we can be friends for now?” “okay yeah of course Nat always.” Natalie smiled “okay well um look what if Dan has a friend can we hang tonight?” Jordan smirked “okay sure yeah we can” “really?” “yeah ha if you really want?” “ok great 8 tonight?” “okay I’ll be there uh text me where.” “okay bye” “bye” Jordan  stepped up and kissed Natalie’s head then left.

Stacie opened her door “hey what a surprise J. How are you?” “better look I’m so sorry about last night.” “J?” “let me finish Stace?” Stacie nodded. “I’m not sorry about us hooking up. I really care about you. I can’t be with anyone right now but I want to stay friends ok. And I’m sorry you don’t know everything maybe in time. But for now I can’t tell you. I’m so embarrassed you saw me like that. But I’m only human. Can you forgive me?” Stacie hugged Jordan then pulled back “yes of course and don’t be sorry. I know your human you didn’t embarrass yourself okay its ok. Do you want to come in or grab a bite?” “no thanks maybe later this week ok sorry I have somewhere to be but I promise I will call. I don’t want you to think I was using you Stace.” “ok I know thank you.” Jordan hugged Stacie and kissed her cheek. Jordan smiled then left.

Jordan walked up Lynn’s porch and the door opened. Lynn stood “oh uh hi look J sorry I didn’t answer your texts um” “no stop its ok I understand uh please” “I’m not ready to talk J I have to go to the police station.” “I know and I’m here to take you okay?” “oh uh yeah okay thank you” “Is that okay?” Lynn sighed “yes please” “okay come on” they went to the station.

After the lineup Jordan drove Lynn home. They walked to the door Lynn spoke “um I uh would just like to be alone tonight if that’s ok?” “of course I’ll be here if you need anything, to talk, to sit and listen anything ok?” “okay thanks honestly I feel not horrible glad uh he’s uh well… taken care of.” “yeah I understand. Um I’ll go can I just say one thing?” “yeah of course” Jordan took Lynn’s hand. “Lynn I get you’re not ready, hell I’m far from ready but it doesn’t change one fact… I uh I think I’m falling for you… don’t say anything please just had to tell you in case you never called me again.” Lynn squeezed Jordan’s hand. “I’m falling for you too J” Jordan smiled “I’ll call you or text tomorrow. Unless you need anything tonight then hit me up okay?” “okay thank you.”

Jordan went home to change she shot Lilly and Lou a text to let them know how things went with each woman and that she was going on a double date with Nat and Dan. Lilly told her to be careful. Lou told her to ignore Lilly and have fun. Jordan laughed as she left her house setting the alarm.

Jordan walked into the restaurant and saw Natalie and Daniel. She took a deep breath and walked over. Daniel stood “hey nice to see you again.” “you too” “sorry my friend is running late please sit have a drink. Whisky?” “ha yeah you know me already.” They all sat Dan waved over the waitress and ordered drinks. Natalie spoke “how are you feeling?” “um ok better I guess.” Daniel spoke “Nat said you weren’t feeling to great last night bad day or something?” “yeah it was but oh well right.” “yeah, so about my friend he uh he’s a great guy.” Natalie spoke “I hear a but coming Dan you said he was cool.” “He is I swear just got to get to know him. Sometimes he can come off a little stuck up condescending. But from what I’ve seen of J she can put him in his place like he needs.” Jordan laughed “okay sounds good. The waitress dropped off the drinks. Jordan spoke “so what is it you do Daniel?” “PR it’s interesting can be intense but ha fun” “cool” “and you uh are a columnist?” “yeah for a magazine” “awesome.” A voice spoke walking up “sorry I’m late big day at the office” Jordan turned to see Nathan. He paused as Dan stood. “Nate this is” Nate cut him off “Jordan?” she stood up. He stepped to her and she stepped back “um did you plan this?” Nate came over “no, no I swear Jordan okay. I just came to a friend’s double date. Dan does my PR I swear.” Natalie stood “hey J? so you guys know each other I mean you know who this is? He’s Nathan Ares the governor?” Jordan spoke “Nat I’m sorry but uh I need to go okay?” “are you okay?” “yeah fine just um have to go.” Nate came over “Just wait ok I’ve been calling and texting you? Just talk to me for a couple minutes ok? Or just stay and have dinner with us and I won’t bother?” Jordan didn’t want to be weak today after falling apart last night. Natalie spoke “wait you’re not… did you call her last night?” Jordan shook her head “uh no just uh an old acquaintance ok um yeah let’s have dinner. Just uh I might have to go if Lynn calls ok?” Natalie nodded. They all sat. Daniel spoke “so how do you know each other?” Jordan grabbed her drink drinking. Nathan spoke “Jordan wrote an article for me once.” The waitress came over “are we ready to order?” they nodded. Dan ordered then Natalie. The waitress turned to Nathan he spoke “I’’ have the 10oz steak medium rare, baked potato butter sour cream and side salad ranch. She’ll have the same” Natalie looked surprised “um so you’ve known each other for a while obviously?” the waitress smiled writing. Jordan spoke “I need another of these?” she nodded and walked off. Daniel spoke “um look Nat let’s go get more drinks at the bar to be quicker?” she nodded they got up and went to the bar. Nathan spoke “Jordan I had no idea. I’ve been thinking about you so much lately.” “please stop what do you want Nate. I don’t want any more money stop finding ways to put it in my account.” “I’m sorry no I mean if you want more money I will but I just haven’t heard from you and I was worried.” “like you care don’t worry I will never tell anyone about us or what happened to me.” “Stop I don’t care about that anymore I just care about you. Look I messed up and I see that now I just want to talk to get to know you again. I’ve changed Jordan.” “It doesn’t matter look just leave me alone ok I’ve moved on. I uh I’m happy.” “really? Cause you’re still having meetings and can’t keep a sponsor? Dan said when Nat ended it with her girlfriend it was cause she couldn’t open up” “you’re still having me followed? What the fuck Nate god why do you even care!” “I miss you, I always have, I love you okay I want my wife back” Jordan heard a gasp. She looked up to see Natalie. Nate looked at Dan “waiver now!” Jordan got up and grabbed her purse “I didn’t say anything, you did! Just leave me alone please.” He grabbed her arm. Dan spoke “whoa” Nate spoke “sorry just please Jordan I don’t even care who knows” she looked at Natalie then back at him “but I do Nate I can’t… let the past be the past.” Natalie spoke “it is you, The reason… I mean… you know?” Nathan looked at Natalie letting go of Jordan’s arm “you know?” Jordan spoke “No she doesn’t we dated a year and she doesn’t okay stop both of you I’m leaving” Jordan walked off. She made it outside before she started crying. She got in a cab. She gave the address.

Jordan got out of the cab and stared up at window. She went inside the building and up to the top floor. She went to the apartment and unlocked the door. She entered her old home with Nate it was mostly empty now. Her phone buzzed she looked it was from Nate “Are you where I think you are? If so I’ll be there soon. If you’re not, I’ll leave you alone tonight.” She sighed she was where he thought. She went through the house and into her old room. she heard a noise and sighed turning she froze “It’s you” “It’s you” the man stepped to her. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. He ran after banging on the door “open up! You were the best I ever had” “you raped!” “please you wanted it!” “never!” “open the door or I’ll break it down.” She went to grab her phone and realized she dropped it and her purse when she ran. She’d thought of this moment if she were ever attacked again. but it had to be the one person him that she froze for. He raped her so many times and enjoyed it for all three days. She felt him bang into the door. She stepped back almost falling in the tub. She tried to regain her thoughts. She started screaming “Help! Help! Help!” repeatedly. He burst through he spoke “I’ve thought of you every day for the past three years! I’ve looked in and you had left but I come back once a month. I heard you had out baby or lost our baby” “It was my husband’s we checked never yours!” “bull shit!” “no it was. You’re nothing!” “fuck you, you whore!” “leave now!” “never! I’ll have you again all I want!” he grabbed her as she fought back. he spoke “you didn’t fight this hard the first time!” “I was scared I’m smarter now!” “well be more scared!” he threw her to the floor of the bedroom. She turned to get up and he lunged at her holding her down. She screamed. He spoke “Stop fighting it! It’s going to happen.” She pushed him off and ran to her purse. He caught her and threw her phone. She pushed as he got on top of her. He flipped her on her stomach and pulled her pants down. He unbuttoned his as she pushed away. He grabbed her arms behind her back and pulled her to feel his tip against her entrance. She screamed “no, no you won’t do this again!” “yes I will!” he thrust into her forcing pushing tearing at her. she screamed as he covered her mouth going deeper and her body tried to reject him. He moaned letting go of her hands spanking her. She scratched his legs so bad he yelled in anger and slammed her head into the floor. She felt herself go limp as he thrust holding her hips. She thought to herself “no, you did everything right he can’t do this no” her eyes wouldn’t focus and he continued. She tried to scream but couldn’t tell if she was. Her heart was pounding in her ears. There was a pull she looked up to see Nate. He rolled her over “Jordan god Jordan are you ok” she couldn’t answer.


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