Too Many doors: Chapter 2

An hour later Jordan looked down her hand hooked to Lynn’s still. “whoa I’m kinda drunk sorry Lynn wanna go?” “no I haven’t seen the dance yet?” “ha yeah I don’t know if you should Lynn.” “it’s ok have fun” “Lynn?” Lynn pulled Jordan up as Lou spoke “Oh shit” he pulled put his phone to video record. Jordan stepped in front of the camera and leaned in “Lou anything you just videotaped with Lynn delete completely please?” “oh ok of course” he did she smiled whispering to her friend “Lou do not let anyone video tape her take her to the corner promise?” “yeah ok I promise.”  Jordan kissed Lynn’s hand “you ok? cause we can take off right now if you want?” “no I’m ok” “ok here go with Lou in the corner ok he’s gay ha, he’s strong, he’s got you and I’ll be watching I swear.” Lynn took a deep breath. Jordan spoke “I’m sorry no, no I’ll stay you’re ok” “ha no I wanna see the dance”. Lynn gave her hand to Lou and continued “go, go be you always have fun!” Daniel shouted “take it off!”  Jordan spoke “no shut up or your out.” he went to speak again and lilly covered his mouth speaking to Natalie “don’t ok or he will go?’ Natalie spoke. “of course.” she looked at Daniel “shut up ok?” he nodded she whispered “seriously shut up or I’m done” “ok babe sorry ok really. damn I don’t think your friends like me.” “you’re kinda acting overly cocky Dan, kinda arrogant.” “I’m sorry I was just nervous.” she nodded they looked at Jordan on the table the lights had been turned lower. Jordan had begun dancing a sexy strip tease as the viewers hollered. Jordan put her fingers up for silence “shhh lilly has neighbors.” Natalie tried not to stare at Jordan although she wanted to. After a year of dating she never got tired of seeing Jordan’s sexy body even if she lied and said she had. It was easier for her to be straight and with a man. Especially because people were always hitting on Jordan and although humble, Jordan didn’t deny she enjoyed the attention. Natalie was hit on just as often and Jordan hadn’t shown jealously, for some reason that had always bugged Natalie. It bothered her even more now seeing Jordan not take her eyes off of Lynn as she danced. Natalie stared at Lynn wondering why this mouse of a person held Jordan’s attention. Daniel whispered “damn Nat ever think of going both ways having a threesome with a woman?” she stared silent. she had told him she was dating someone named Jordan when they met. but she hadn’t corrected him when he thought it was a man. Since Jordan went by J introducing herself as that she didn’t think it was the time to explain but maybe now was. Lou spoke “so who’s the Lucky person this year?” Lynn whispered to Lou “lucky person?” he smiled “to get a lap dance I’ve gotten the privilege once ha I’d suggest you but J said to keep you back here unless you want me to?” Lynn blushed “ha no thanks though” “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind giving you a private one later if u wanted” “ha no I Don’t think she would and its fine so uh what about your friend Dave” “ha maybe he’s gay too but damn J is different getting that dance from her gay or straight ha I’m her best gay friend and I got a hard on.” they laughed he spoke “sorry tmi huh” “ha no, no its ok” they looked up and Jordan was down to her red lace boy cut panties and red lace bra. Lynn hadn’t noticed how big Jordan’s breasts were. although her shirts we fitted they weren’t really low cut. her large D cup breast didn’t need any help being perky from her bra. he abs were flat and tight like her arms and legs. tan and toned her olive skin looked smooth. Lynn had seen the tattoos on Jordan’s arms but now saw a few on her ankles and peeking out of her panty line. Jordan stared at Lynn still but spoke out loud “okay I’m stripped mostly down you all better start dancing too or I’m putting it back on.” everyone quickly danced all laughing with her as she got off the table dancing a little with everyone and making her way through the crowd to Lynn she spoke “woo Lou I think I need one more drink.” Daniel spoke “wow you win ha I don’t know how you’re standing let alone fully functional.” they all laughed. Lynn handed her a drink. Jordan leaned down whispering in Lynn’s ear “still ok?” “ha yeah very I’ll even have this drink with you.” they smiled and clinked glasses drinking. Jordan leaned back down “I’m really glad you came” “ha does that mean I get the special dance. Jordan pulled back some to see Lynn’s face to see if she was joking. Jordan couldn’t tell so she smirked then whispered “na if you want a dance we can both be sober ha or at least alone.” Lynn felt her heart quicken and a warmth come over her as she blushed. Jordan spoke since Lynn didn’t answer “ha if you ever want” Lynn smiled “ok” Jordan spoke straightening and getting back in the crowd “so I can’t decide Lynn who am I giving my dance to?” the whole crowd looked at Lynn she spoke “hmmm I think… Dave!” they all chanted Dave’s name. Jordan smiled and winked at Lynn then spoke “Dave it is!” she pulled him up and pulled him to a single chair in the middle of the room.




Natalie got off Daniels lap and sat beside him. she stared at Jordan drinking. Daniel whispered to Natalie “hey babe you doing ok?” Natalie spoke “uh yeah fine.” “I was just kidding earlier about the whole threesome thing you know?” “I know” “are you mad at me?” “uh no” “you sure?” “Yeah Dan I’m sure” he took her hand “Nat what’s up?” she looked away as the music changed again and Jordan began her dance. she looked at Daniel “Dan my ex…” “uh Jordan? yeah is he here?” “ha yeah SHE is” she looked at Jordan. Daniel looked at Jordan and back at Natalie “wait J is…?” “yup” “oh shit Nat I… I uh I’m sorry.” “don’t be I should’ve told you.” “damn some of things I’ve said tonight I’m sorry.” “just my family doesn’t know ok?” “oh I see yeah I understand your dad uh yeah I get it.” “yup” “damn no wonder no one here likes me.” “ha that’s not true just uh she’s well her.” “come here you want to go?” she leaned into him “na we’re having fun right?” “yeah babe” “okay” he squeezed her.




Lilly spoke to Lou as he leaned into her “well this has been an interesting night.” Lou laughed “right?! I mean I’ve never seen J uh” “show she cares so much?” “yeah exactly”. they looked at Lynn who was smiling watching Jordan. They looked at Natalie Lou spoke “boy did Nat fuck up” “ha right!”. The crowd hollered at the erotic dance that got everyone excited. People were slowly coupling off and the sexual tension in the air was felt by everyone. Lynn stared thinking “god everyone wants her right now” Jordan’s hips moved seductively and Dave had to clench his hands by his side to stop himself from touching her as she grinded against him. Daniel tried to stare at Natalie but even she kept staring at Jordan’s body. Dan felt himself getting hard and had to try to think of something else to calm himself. Natalie felt herself getting wet with desire but looked away again. By the end of the song everyone was cheering as Jordan got up and bowed. Dave sat astonished and covered his hard on showing through his pants. he spoke “well damn if I was ever to go back to women…” Jordan cut him off. “ha cool it! Was a onetime deal bud.” he laughed.  The whole crowd was turned on as she spoke “alright folks give me my clothes back ha” different friends slowly did. She came back and sat by Lynn, who was flushed and turned on so much her nipples were poking through her top. Jordan spoke “so did I make a complete ass out of myself?” “ha not hardly.” “ha good, good.” Jordan took Lynn’s hand again. Lilly spoke “well damn I think that beat last year’s! You’re like my personal Viagra. Now I need to go find someone to fuck tonight J” “ha uh sorry?” Dave came over “ha I need a fucking cigarette” Lou spoke “let’s step outside?” “okay” they walked out. Lynn spoke “restroom is?” Lilly spoke there’s one there on the left but mines down the hall all the way down on the left is my room ok?”  “ok thanks” Jordan spoke “want me to show you?” “no I uh I got it.” Lynn got up and walked off. Lilly spoke “what is happening with Lynn? I mean she’s cute, funny, you haven’t taken your eyes off her and you seem hooked by the hip.” “dude stop” “no seriously J what’s up? You’re almost stalker status clingy with her. Careful like she might break?” “uh she’s just been through a lot don’t say anything k. I’m trying to show her she can trust people alright?” “okay of course I won’t say anything is she ok?” “uh yeah I think so we’ll see” “I saw you dump out some of your drinks J I’ve never seen you drink less for someone.” “every alcoholic has to have something more important right?” Lilly smirked “and that’s her” Jordan rolled her eyes “Lil shut up come on I’d do it for you to hell I have.” “I know, I know ok but do you like her?” a voice spoke “she’s not really your type” Natalie had walked over quietly. Jordan turned “ha yeah maybe that’s the point not like previous choices were any good.” Natalie spoke “really? ouch” “what do you want Natalie?” “I just wanted to talk to you now that you’re not hooked to your friend. please? Lilly will you keep Dan company he wants to apologize please?” “yeah uh I will until uh Lynn comes out right J?” Jordan nodded “yes please?” “okay” Lilly walked off sitting with Daniel. Jordan stared away as Natalie spoke “want a drink?” “no Nat not with you. What do you want?” “look I uh damn you’re not making this easy Jordan ok” “make what easy what do you want?” “a conversation it can be short but come on after a year why are you acting like you don’t know me?” “Nat what do you want from me. we’re not together ok and I’m with a friend you’re with your whatever so…” Lynn came back down the hall. Jordan saw her “look Nat I…” she watched Lilly get Lynn’s attention Lynn waved a hand she was ok and to continue Jordan still walked over “hey you ok?” “yes go ok I’m ok really I feel good.” “okay I’ll be right back” “ok go” Jordan went back to Natalie watching Lynn still. Jordan spoke to Natalie “sorry ok um didn’t mean to just walk away but uh look Nat yes I cared and care about you ok? I’m still your friend ok, but I let it go. You told me we were a mistake you weren’t sure. I had never been serious and with you I well was.” “you’ve shown this Lynn more pda then you very showed me.” “it’s not pda ok I uh she’s my friends honestly nothing’s happened ok she really is just one of my new best friends. You didn’t even tell this guy about us. I mean he’s been saying you’re just hanging out and hitting on me half the night Nat.” “I’m sorry ok he was trying to be sweet to my friends and didn’t know who you were. He was trying to show attention. And J you get lots of attention” “hey I’m me Nat so do you” “no I just ugh can we go for a smoke?” “let me tell her then yeah” “ok” Jordan came over to Lynn “Nat and I are going to have a smoke ok. If you need me come but otherwise are you ok?” “uh yeah J are you ok?” “um yeah let’s go after this though?” “oh ok” Jordan smiled “ha you are having fun huh we’ll stay” “you sure?” “yes I like see you happy Lynn.” Lynn smiled as Jordan walked outside with Natalie. Natalie lit both their cigarettes Jordan spoke “look do you want to be friends cause we can. Just thought you were done. You said it was a mistake to be with me so?” “I’m sorry just yes I want to be friends maybe I did this to hastily J I just I Don’t know. I miss you so much you were my best friend” “wow Nat I mean I miss you as a friend but well let’s try that for now. Aren’t you seeing Dan and what about you saying you were straight?” “I got scared ok? Yeah I like Dan and we’re dating but give me another chance, I messed up. My parents were asking questions and I freaked.” “uh friends for now okay?” “okay thanks but uh what about you and Lynn” “we’re really just good friends for now.” “ok I’m sorry J” “ok let’s go inside” “ok” “and Nat I’m sorry I didn’t show you enough affection” “it’s ok it’s just not you” “yeah I guess.” they went inside. Jordan pointed to the bathroom and Lynn nodded. Jordan walked down the hall and stood in front of the mirror “you got this Jordan” she took a deep breath and washed her hands. When she opened the door Daniel stood there she spoke “oh hi” she went to walk past him he spoke “uh I came in here to talk to you” “me? what about?” “I wanted to apologize I didn’t know who you were” she smiled “oh ha yeah its ok no big” “ok well still I’m sorry I wouldn’t have uh been well ha made an ass of myself” “it’s ok” “ok well uh yeah I don’t know what really happened but I hope it’s ok I’m here.” “oh of course yeah ha” “ha you really are like over Nat huh?” Jordan’s face was cold “uh” “sorry none of my business I really like Nat” “good don’t hurt her” “ok yeah” “well let’s get back” “ok” they left the room and went back to the party. Jordan sat by Lynn “hey you” “hey you” “so what do you want to do?” “hmmm beer pong?” Jordan laughed “ha yeah?” “yeah if you want if you don’t want to” Jordan cut her off taking her hand and pulling her up “come on let’s play but you’re drinking at least half?” “ha yeah ok”. They went over to the table and played.


A half hour later they won two games of beer pong. Lynn spoke “whoa uh ha I drank ha” “ready to head home?” “yeah I think so” “okay let’s go”. Jordan took Lynn’s waste “oh boy ha I uh well your beautiful” “Jordan!” “sorry I’m drunk ha hard to uh hold back.” “then don’t” Jordan leaned back “no, no ha uh you uh you deserve more” Jordan brushed Lynn’s hair out of her face then continued “we can talk more when we’re sober.” Lynn smiled “okay” Lilly came over “hey you really heading out?” “ha yeah I uh I’m going to go flag a cab it’s cold” Lynn spoke “no, no I’ll wait with you” “ha okay uh” Jordan turned to Lilly “bye Lil thanks had so much fun.” “no thank you the fun was all you. Like always. Love you girl” “love you” Lou came over hugging Jordan and Lynn.


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