Too Many Doors: Chapter 1

Chapter 1


She ran up the stairs and reached the third floor. Jordan spoke to herself “I shouldn’t have taken smoking up again.” she ran back up another flight huffing. When she got to the fifth floor she knocked on apartment 557. A beautiful women opened the door with medium long dark hair “Jordan! hey!” “Lilly your fucking elevator isn’t working and I’m wearing heels!” Jordan stood a beautiful woman with long dark almost black hair falling in her face. Jordan stood panting in skinny blue jeans and a white t-shirt her breasts trying to pop out. She was thin and attractive with a slightly curvy figure. Lilly laughed “sorry dude but there’s pie inside” Jordan stood straighter and walked in. “pies good but what’s there to drink?” they smiled. A man walked up speaking “Jordan babe your late! Catch up!” The flamboyant man handed her a glass of whisky and clinked his glass against hers. Jordan smiled “thanks Lou” She quickly drank. Lilly laughed “k J now that you got a drink in you let’s get some food!” Jordan smiled following them to the kitchen “Mmmh turkey I love thanksgiving!” They fixed plates and she greeted the other party goers.


A half hour later she heard a familiar voice and turned to see Natalie with her boyfriend. Lilly came over “she’s our friend too but I didn’t think she’d bring him I’m sorry” “it’s cool uh I should get going” Lou came over “J Don’t go! come on! You’re the life of the party” she sighed “ok another hour but then I really do have to be somewhere.” Lilly smiled “Aww ok then one hour” Natalie a thin blonde tall woman in a short tight gold dress walked over in her high heels. she spoke to Lilly ignoring Jordan behind her. “Hey happy thanksgiving!” Lilly hugged her. “happy thanksgiving Nat” Jordan went to walk off when Natalie’s boyfriend turned sticking out his hand “hi I’m Daniel” they all stared waiting for Jordan to respond she shook his hand “nice to meet you Daniel I’m uh J” “just J?” “yup just J” Lilly stepped in “hi I’m Lilly this is Lou lets introduce you to some other people. Drink?” Natalie spoke “I’d love one.” Lilly directed Natalie and Daniel to the bar. Lou and Jordan sat on the couch with their drinks. Lou spoke “so how long has it been?” Jordan smirked “since my girlfriend told me she was straight and had met someone else? Ha about 3 weeks.” “when did Nat move out?” “ha when I came home that day she was already packing her clothes. that night after she left I boxed everything else up and said I’d be gone the next day she came and picked it up while I was at work. Came home it was gone thank god.” Lou spoke “whoa I didn’t realize it was that fast. Where’d she move? Have you talked?” “not since I told her to pick up her stuff. And I have no idea and don’t really care where she went.” “damn J well good for you. So where is it you need to get to later?” “ha uh a friends” Lou smirked “ha I bet” “and you?” “eh I Don’t know Lil introduced me to that cute guy over there.” he quickly pointed him out. Jordan spoke “he is cute go for it Lou” “you Don’t think he’s out of my league?” “hell no your hot too you know it! If you were straight or bi like me…and not like my best friend ha” they both laughed, he spoke “thanks J but even if I was bi you’re out of my league for sure. Anyways eh I’ll go for it never know right? Wish me luck!” “luck!” Lou walked over to the cute guy Dave and began talking. Jordan’s phone rang she answered “hello?” “hey J are you coming by?” “oh uh hey Lynn um I told you maybe k id try to come by” “I know just seeing which way you’re leaning ha” Jordan smiled “I said I’d stay for another hour at least ok?” “ok no problem just let me know I’ll be home the rest of the night” “did your parents leave already? How did your dinner with them go?” “yeah they just left it went well. my mother only criticized me half of the time.” “Aww I’m sorry babe” “its fine ha and are you having fun?” Jordan heard a voice “ha babe?” she turned to see Natalie. Jordan spoke into the phone. “hey I gotta go but I’ll see you in a bit ok?” “okay bye” “bye”. Jordan hung up and spoke to Natalie “what?” “did you just say babe on the phone?” “what do u care?” Natalie paused and drank her drink rather quickly “I Don’t care” Jordan shrugged “k?” Lilly and Daniel walked over. Daniel spoke “don’t care about what?” Natalie spoke “nothing uh I need another drink Lilly” she took her arm. Daniel sat by Jordan and she sat up more as he spoke “I’ll stay here with J while you get one. I’m fine go on babe!” Jordan laughed “ha yeah go on babe” Lilly tried not to laugh. Lilly pulled Natalie to the bar before Natalie could respond. Daniel spoke “so do you know most the people here?” “yeah most of them for quite a few years. hell some since high school.” “awesome I’ve known Nat for about a month and a half now.” “I see so it’s getting serious?” “na I’m not really the serious type.” Jordan bit her lip “oh” “yeah we’ve only been hanging out for about 3 weeks.” “cool” Natalie and Lilly came over. Lilly handed Jordan a drink. Jordan smiled “thank you! I’m uh gonna go be Lou’s wingman ok then I should get going in a bit.” Lilly spoke “Just invite your friend here” “uh na not possible” Daniel spoke “significant other?” Natalie stared waiting Jordan smiled “just a friend” she walked off slamming her drink. Lou spoke “hey you’re not trying to go before we dance are you come on. Your dance is the best start to the holidays for us all I was just telling Dave.” “Aww I Don’t think I’m up for any dance this year and far too sober!” “well drink more!” “ha na told you somewhere to be later” Lou spoke “excuse us a moment Dave” he nodded. Lou pulled Jordan to Lilly. Lou spoke “I was getting somewhere with Dave talking about J’s dance and she’s not dancing. She’s leaving!” Lilly spoke “what? J!” multiple voices spoke “J!!! Dance!!!” Jordan laughed “ah guys I’m too sober it’s too early for this!” Lilly spoke “then you can’t leave!” Lou spoke “if this person knows you they know you’re dance J come on!” she sighed “uh I’ll think about it guys ok but i don’t know I’m wearing jeans ha just let me think about it ok?” they nodded. Lou walked off with Jordan. Natalie spoke to Lilly “she’ll dance she never misses it, hasn’t in 2 years and plus, whoever she’s meeting she’ll use its better this way it’s always this way.” Lilly turned to her “ha not always nat.” Daniel spoke “so what she’s a player?” Natalie spoke “yes” Lilly spoke “ha who knows anymore maybe not. She wasn’t the player in her last relationship.” Natalie frowned. Daniel spoke “well she’s hot” Natalie spoke “Dan?” Daniel spoke “what? she is? come here?” he pulled her on his lap and kissed her.


Jordan called Lynn “hey uh I may be a bit they uh all my friends want me to stay. I’m sorry it looks like it might not happen tonight ok?” Lynn spoke “Oh ok that’s fine have fun. You said it was a maybe.” “I’d invite you but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable Nat’s here.”  “oh ok” “I mean unless you want to?” “Are you really asking?” “yeah of course if you want.” “um ok yeah.” “Hey I know it’s not your scene but if you want to come I got you. But you’ll have to uh realize I’m here hanging with my friends too.” “ha I know I don’t want to change you at all and I know we’re friends” “You sure you’re up for a room full of people though?” “uh maybe I shouldn’t I’m sorry.” “hey no I’m not trying to stop you ok.” “Just maybe you’re right I want you to enjoy have fun. I probably wouldn’t be too exciting.” “no, no look I’m sorry wasn’t trying to talk you out of it. ok I think it might be nice if you got out right yes or no? ha” “ha yeah” “Well then good would you like to come?” “ha yeah uh yes I would” “Okay I’ll tell you all about it after I get you” “You don’t need to do that I uh I’ll take a cab.” “no hun no I uh I’ll take a cab and get you then we can come back” “no don’t leave your party for me” “trust me no one I’d rather leave for.” “ha thanks J you sure?” “yes be there in a bit ok?” “okay” “bye” “bye” Jordan walked over to Lilly her and Lou were laughing with Natalie and Daniel. Jordan spoke “hey guys I’m going to head out to uh get a friend but I’ll come back ok.” Lou spoke “J seriously? you better come back” “ha I will and I’ll even dance. ha a dance maybe not the dance.” Daniel spoke “well want to have a drink before you go?” “ha no but I’m down when I get back.” Lilly spoke “we haven’t even played any drinking games yet.” “okay when I get back ha you all hydrate a bit. And uh my friend just uh be nice okay guys not pushy.” Natalie spoke “Are you actually protecting someone?” “ha um looks she’s nice ok a good friend ha just be nice alright” Lilly spoke “woo she must be special.” “shut up friends ok have a drink! I’ll be back.” “okay, okay go hurry” “alright I hope you’re fucking elevator is working now!” Daniel spoke “oh ha yeah our bad. Ha we we’re uh needing some time alone before we came up” Natalie hit him on the arm “Dan?!” everyone looked awkward Jordan spoke “cool bye” she walked out of the apartment.


Lynn heard a knock on her door and slowly walked to it. She heard Jordan “Hey Lynn its J ok?” “oh ok” Lynn opened the door. “hey J” Lynn stood her dark red hair falling across her shoulders. She wore jeans and a fitted shirt with a shawl she was pretty and sweet looking. Slender but not thin with a slightly curvy body as well, she wasn’t tall at 5′ 5″ but Jordan wasn’t much taller at 5′ 7″. “Hey you ready I have a cab” “uh um yeah” “hey listen if you’ve changed your mind its ok it’s no big.” She took Lynn’s hand continuing “but if you want to I’ll be there I can’t promise I won’t let go of your hand all night. but I’ll be there for you ok I won’t let anything happen to you.” Lynn smiled “ok yeah I’m ready let’s go.” Lynn grabbed her bag and locked the door. Jordan put her arm around Lynn’s waste and walked her to the car. They spoke at the cabbie drove “So Nat’s new guy Daniel I’m pretty sure is hitting on me.” “ha does he not know who you are?” “I don’t think so I don’t think he knows about any of it but oh well.” “ha ok um do they know anything about me?” “no, no is that ok? thought you wouldn’t want me to?” “You’re right I’m glad you didn’t thank you” “ha I think I know you well a little right?” Lynn smiled “yes you do” “look Lynn uh we’re good right?” “Of course yeah you’ve been well like a best friend the past few weeks. Really helped me a lot.” “you’ve been mine too Lynn ok let’s have fun” “ha ok just I won’t be having too much fun” “I know you won’t be drinking much if you even want to, look I have and will be drinking though okay” I know I assumed go ahead.” “look no matter what Lil and Lou are great even if we got drunk they got us too ok nothing bad will happen.” “okay thank you.” “and if you want to leave at any time just tell me.” “okay I will.” “no we will ok I swear I’ll get you home, me, I will” “Thank you but don’t let me hold you up.”  I know you won’t” “ok” They arrived Jordan paid the cab driver and they got out they walked to the apartment building and got in the elevator. Jordan spoke “oh and uh heads up. I uh do this dance… uh” “a dance?” “the elevator opened Jordan took Lynn’s hand both stepping out she spoke “it may be more like a strip tease if I drink enough ha well yeah will you be ok?” “ha yeah” Lilly opened the door. “We heard voices come in come in.” Jordan squeezed Lynn’s hand “come on?” Lynn nodded. They went in and everyone stared at them holding hands. Lynn went to pull away Jordan held her hand “its ok” Lynn smiled.  Lou ran up with Dave “ok, ok I showed Dave last year’s video and you have to beat that!” “Hey whoa we said no videos or the dances quit?!” 10 party goes yelled “no!” he spoke “No not video of the whole thing just the dance before ok. I swear plus it was just him dude you know I’d never show” “ha I know I know! ok just careful who you show ok.” “of course dude sorry so this is?” Lou looked at Lynn. Jordan smiled pulling her forward “this is Lynn my friend Lynn this is obviously Lou and Lilly.” she shook their hands. “Hi I’ve heard a lot about you it’s so nice to finally meet you.” Lou spoke “you have? hmm well let us introduce you” Jordan spoke “Na I will” Lou and Lilly seemed surprised. She introduced her through the room and finally got to Natalie and Daniel. Lynn squeezed Jordan’s hand now and they smiled. Jordan spoke “So Lynn this is Natalie and Daniel” Daniel spoke “so you’re the one whose been holding back, apparently the drinking champ, tonight. I plan to beat her record.” Lynn looked at Jordan then back at Daniel “well prepare too loose in one way or another.” Daniel laughed “J you’re girls making bets for you” she looked at Lynn “ha she can do what she wants she’s smart. You better just believe her.” Daniel spoke “oh ok then so let’s go. First drink is?” Lynn grabbed two shots of whiskey from Lilly and handed one to Jordan the other to Daniel “the only good stuff whisky go!” They all laughed and Jordan took Lynn’s hand back and as she drank. Natalie looked surprised speaking to a friend “never had that much pda in a year of dating.” Jordan and Lynn sat as the party progressed. Lynn had a few drinks while Jordan chugged along with piers wanting to drink with her and playing drinking games.

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