Aftermath of dreamland

The aftermath of dreamland is reality and sometimes you have to stop and wonder which is a real nightmare. The one you get to wake from or the one you have to live. Without struggle someone cannot no strength without strings you cannot no weakness without weakness you cannot overcome so here I am overcoming. challenge of the day is getting through the day. It seems lately I’m more scared of the silence then I am the pain I’m more scared of what’s to come and what has but at the same time I will admit I hate to not knowing.
On another note its given me some strength has made me feel like I know who I might want to be not this actual person but maybe I’m headed down the right path oh the joys of being bipolar never being a hundred percent sure  or always being a hundred percent sure which is it again maybe its both.
So here I go today headed to work to face those demons is it weird that I find the demons here on earth are way more easier to kill than the ones that live in my head.
I just keep thinking there has to be a way has to be away to be happy and not feel bad or sad or tired there has to be a way just be happy


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