Lesson of the day if you’re happy with yourself don’t let someone else change you and if you’re not happy with yourself only you can change you why do people get so confused with them that doesn’t mean you can’t live to make other people happy or in general just make other people happy take care of your kids and your family something feels right in your gut it is. If who you are feels good and who somebody else wants you to be doesn’t don’t change don’t settle.
Next lesson of the day and make sure you step off the fucking bridge before you set it on fire. So too often do we set fire to the bridge when we know we don’t want to take that path and that’s great burn it let it go but make sure you have an escape route.
I know I’m not perfect but I refused to continue to be told how imperfect I am and what bothers me even more is the one person who doesn’t see it is the one person who I do it for other than myself yet all these other people around me and around him see it as amazing seeing me as amazing. hell some days I think I’m super but not him. sometimes he’ll say don’t worry don’t think I didn’t notice how amazing you always are but you’re like that everyday but saying that doesn’t make me feel that you think that. Getting back to me what I give to you that’s how you show it so forgive me if today I just don’t care to show my amazingNess. K


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