Im happy wtf

listening to my favorite songs has in some ways proven fruitful one of those moments you see yourself not as who you think you are but who you are.;. man I guess until well recent even after my first son although I was happy content whatever I wasn’t. I mean I guess I didn’t know why this year has felt so weird but maybe its the first time I’ve ever well in my life felt safe, even though I love my fiancé and he is a semi-stalker ha which we recently found out and its all worked out for the best so oh well but I’m happy safe for the first time in 26 years yesterday was my 26th birthday and wow my favorite songs that made complete since well for 25 + years no longer make sense silly thats what it took for me to notice but I’m fucking happy. I mean safe content with life I can say fuck you to my parents and he get it. all he done shit u’ve beeen through…. its finally done I mean no more closure no more resolve i’m good…. i’m good maybe that’s why all the crazy dreams my minds like wait wait one shoe is there and so is the other wtf????


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