train go …booom

the railways moved in front of her she saw them speeding by, it’s what everyone saw right. the significance of the moment the importance of it , the railways look as if no on dictated  them but themselves hell they had more control than her. if one went off the track it could be stopped if she went off the track.. a voice spoke “ma’am you dropped a bag I think” “huh” “sorry seems your bag slipped I think its yours?” “yes thank you” the doors opened she paused  he spoke “are you getting on this is the 6 o’clock train” “its early ” “ha it’s 557?” “yes early” “so you wont get on?” “not till 6” “why?” “he felt a jolt knocking him off the train and on to the ramp space down bedside her she spoke “the 558 is a minute early”. they watched the rest of the train smash into the ramp and crash through the train she was suppose to be on then ignite in flames. she took a few steps to him “you might want to move? ” “uh ok?” he moved back from the ramp with her when the explosion fired he spoke “you?” “are on the 6 o’clock you?”


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