so its birthday time again. here we go my fiancés birthday is the day before mine and its Friday night. no kiddos no plans though. I feel like an old maid the funny thing is idk what i’d rather even be doing. a in a club? eh in a dive? eh in a fancy restaurant? eh in the movies? eh with friends? eh with my fiancé and kids? ha yup actually yes just watching them play wrestle tickle attacks eat dinner then desert and play. but as it goes no kiddos because my lovely mother is giving me a break ha and my fiancé is at work at least for another couple hours. sooooo I went to work this morning only to get let out early ha so I came home and have been sitting writing “the novel that will never end” of mine and watching tv. and i’m fucking bored. theres something about editing … its ok is good but its not the same as the invention of the thought ern you first make the notion of something cause after all what is it but an invention. yes something thought once could have been thought of a million toimes at this exact moment but not by me. there is only one me and only one jay.

well tell that to the voice in my head so let s get to it past the narrative and write haha right to the story line see next blog.


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