crash into me

1340139816714.jpgas she brushed the hair from her face she looked up and out the window. she saw it coming she saw the car turn the corner and across the intersection towards her and all she thought was well I guess I wont have to pay for this coffee. just then out of the corner of her eye she saw the waitress set down the check and the waitresses face turn to horror as the car speeding out of control jumped the curb at this point.  she heard the sharp beginning of the scream but it wasn’t her it was the waitress. and just as the car went over the bushes now she thought “great now I feel guilty about the coffee thing”  the waitress began to bolt as the car hit the wall of the diner which was made of glass and just a few feet in front of the table she sat at. suddenly she felt herself jolted and flying to the ground as she hit the ground and slid across it she watch the very chair she was sitting in be demolished by the car. it seemed like days before the car came to a stop two inches away from her legs with debris flying in the air. suddenly the room unfocused. she touched her head then looked at her hand and saw blood this is when she finally heard his voice, “god are you ok can you sit up?” she looked up and realized she was in the arms of a young broad looking man. he spoke again “ma’am can you hear me you didn’t even move didn’t you see the car coming? are you in shock?” “uh I saw it” “why didn’t you move?” her eyes unfocused more she spoke “well I hit my head either way” the color faded away and her eyes closed. an older man came over “is she ok? ” “no I don’t think so she hit her head” “ok they called the police help is on the way stay with your wife”  the man ran off to help others the young man went to speak “she’s not..” he stopped realizing it didn’t matter. he stayed laying there with her in his arms and as he brushed her hair rom her face he thought “well at least she wont have to pay for her coffee.”



v. crashed, crash·ing, crash·es


a. To break violently or noisily; smash: The dishes crashed to pieces on the floor.
b. To undergo sudden damage or destruction on impact: The car crashed into a tree.
2. To make a sudden loud noise: The cymbals crash at the end of each measure.
3. To move noisily or so as to cause damage: went crashing through the woods.
4. To undergo a sudden severe downturn, as a market or economy.
5. Computers To stop functioning due to a crash.
6. Slang To undergo a period of unpleasant feeling or depression as an after effect of drug-taking.
7. Slang

a. To find temporary lodging or shelter, as for the night.
b. To fall asleep from exhaustion.

1. To cause to crash: crashed the truck into the signpost.
2. To dash to pieces; smash: crashed the ice with a sledgehammer.
3. Informal To join or enter (a party, for example) without invitation.

1. A sudden loud noise, as of an object breaking: She looked up when she heard the crash outside.

a. A smashing to pieces.
b. A collision, as between two automobiles. See Synonyms at collision.
3. A sudden severe downturn: a market crash; a population crash.
4. Computers

a. A sudden failure of a hard drive caused by damaging contact between the head and the storage surface, often resulting in the loss of data on the drive.
b. A sudden failure of a program or operating system, usually without serious consequences.
5. Slang Mental depression after drug-taking.
adj. Informal

Of or characterized by an intensive effort to produce or accomplish: a crash course on income-tax preparation; a crash diet.


crash and burn Slang

To fail utterly.

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