I’m so sick of hearing you can have it this way or this way but it’s never the way I want it and it’s not a selfish thing like I only one something that benefits me I’m really sick of never getting my  way. that’s what it is I said I never ever get my way it’s like he thinks my way is wanting to have to do all the dishes and all the cleaning all the cooking and in a way it is I love being a good mom being a good partner I don’t mind it that’s not the point the point is why doesn’t he want to why doesn’t he want to give his all into helping me I don’t mind taking care of my kids or myself for that matter. cooking for him and sometimes doing the dishes but I don’t like that he thinks or feels like he thinks that’s the way it it that he can just leave his clothes leave his dirty dishes anywhere in the house on the floor in the living room on the floor for the dog to lick up because well jay can pick it up in the morning I want to be relied on I don’t want to be used there’s a difference I do think in the general sense he appreciates me he knows what I do but I don’t like the fact that he thinks that’s the way it is that’s the way it’s supposed to be it is I know it is I know you’re supposed to give all of yourself to somebody else I get that I’m not saying that. Hes  an  angel for doing some dishes I’m saying he’s really not the one who does all the stuff for them and when I come home and he’s in a load of dishes he wants to be praised for doing a load of dishes and I do it I praise Him I thank him doesn’t matter about the fact that I did the dishes the other 6 days a week sometimes more than one load a day. he doesn’t realize that staying up late at night because he just got off of work and he doesn’t want to go to bed okay that’s fine watching TV relax for hours and then you  wonder why your baby is waking up at 1 in the morning. at 1 in the morning! and they can hear you. Then the baby  Continues to wake up multiple times because they’re already having uneasy sleep and now he’s mad the babys awake ugh end rant Im too exhausted


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