the origin of everything, and the first thing that ever existed. It was the primordial void, nothing yet the source out of which everything was created, including the universe and the gods. From chaos came earth, hell, and love.

so chaos without chaos we are nothing. life here literally born out of chaos from the void of a hopeless womb. chaos is life and life right now is utter chaos. now then again this is Greek mythology and with that connection we can blame a whole lot of everything on anything that will listen but that’s no my point either. I often use the term organized chaos and until today ii didn’t realize how accurate I was, if chaos was the ocean we would be the current always changing always the same always moving but never as far as you think because we still in up in the same place. we end up wherever the fuck we’re suppose to end up. yeah we had help getting there and not all of I was not necessarily our own doing but sometimes a price we pay a cost to living . the cost of living is living, feeling, dealing/not dealing. you are but a seed to a plant that nobodies ever heard of or care about a seed which may die young or grow in to an old oak. it may be stepped on like a weed and somehow maintain life or plucked too early and live a short life in a cage. a seed that may sprout other seeds better seeds fucking hybrid seeds that create better life, or a seed that sprouts seeds that take over and kill off all other surrounding life.

what the hell are you what kind of chaos. I don’t think you’ll know till your done but I do think is something to think about, I mean what kind of chaos do you want to be in this world? not appear to be or try to be but what are you ok with living with or dying with when in the end you find that you’re the fucking chaos that started is all. start what all? who the hell knows but you will you will know your life was chaos.


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