Blog 1 attempt at this shit

I really have I decided I love writing I write everything from personal things short stories to about science fiction things and I love it its just its my happy place writing. I don’t feel any better than when I’m writing when I’m telling my story whatever it may be and I decided I love moving forward I love making things happen and I am young only almost 26 but everything I’ve done up until this point was to get a paycheck in the bank for me and my family and I’m going to continue doing that. I have a good job I’m in a good place have a good partner amazing kids so why not do it why not just step up to the plate and throw myself out there. so I’m going to set myself with goals. I’ve been trying to just write as often as I could but I do better with checklists I do better with my organized chaos so I’m going to set myself will goal of writing. so at first I’m going to attempt to do 2 to 3 posts a week by the end of April I want to be up to 4 to 5 posts a week although this will be hard being as may 5th is my wedding day. and as if the struggle of being a mom full time employee and girlfriend and friend weren’t enough I’m going to add this on to my plate but just like being a mom a friend and a partner to my future hubby it’s a job that really isn’t a job because it’s worth it and I hope by the end of May I can attempt to write a blog a day now this is just attempt to get my juices flowing to get me dedicated to get me in ritual and after may my goal is to begin to write some bigger better more researched blogs not just my heart’s desires stresses you know the normal s***. So here we go this is blog number one in my attempts to be a writer ha a real writer.


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