All i wanted

All i wanted was someone to talk to. It seems so silly now. I messed up for some reason that’s really hard for me to say probably cause i prove myself on getting shit right on not needing people. On only relying on myself but i fucked up. Didn’t realize how bad. I messed up. I hurt people i didn’t mean to. I wanted anyone to talk to and did something meaningless that hurt someone. My fiance is a good man but had his struggles and i wanted him to want me. Alcohol Is evil but so are secrets. I wish i could go back but can’t. I can simply say im sorry and move on. But i won’t get walked on. Won’t let my kids ever worry that mommy and daddy are fighting. Although kids know. They are the light of my life and i will do anything for them. And my fiance i thought he’d at lelast pay attention now. But he too mad and time Is my only tool


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