So this is going to be a quick post I kind of just needed to say something before the day really starts I have 5 minutes till I need to be in my work but anyways I keep having these dreams these dreams that I’m not getting things done that I’m in a rush and time is running out and people are relying on me and I keep trying to get to this destination or this place and things keep happening that slowed me down and then I wake up and I feel like I’m still in that dream that I’m constantly trying to catch up I’m constantly trying to do better I only finish one task to have another task and then another and then 10 more and I still don’t know where I’m trying to get or why I’m so frustrated trying to get there how am I going to get there I almost feel like …you know when you leave the house and you can’t remember if you left the stove on what am I forgetting what am I not doing what am I doing wrong and this panic comes over me and sometimes it’s just for a moment and sometimes it lasts for a little bit I don’t know what I’m forgetting I don’t know what I’m missing but I just want to do my best


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